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Alexander Sophiex presentation.  New video about Chernobyl tragedy, entitled "Disaster at chernobyl"


This is another achievement of the composer and next creation.


For the first time this clip does not make sense entertainment (like the music ) takes an independent musician . At its core, clip has a social character and appeals to the mind of everyone living on planet.


In a matter of hours one wrong move one person can make a blooming garden paradise in a dead zone unfit living with the consequences for decades and the death of hundreds of thousands of people.


The video filmed for the song " Rain" from the debut album " Music for reflections ." Clip was filmed with the support of the Belarusian NGO " Save the liquidators of Chernobyl " in cooperation with the Italian filmmakers of Chernobyl Foundation of Tuscany. Shooting was performed in " dead city " Pripyat.


Chernobyl - Ukrainian nuclear plant that exploded in 1986. Scary video 20 years later , cold blood. Today it is the largest nuclear tragedy in the world , already took the lives and health of more than 600,000 thousand people.


... I've been wanting to do something similar about Chernobyl and even, perhaps , will dedicate the subject  some my new album . This is the most powerful nuclear accident and it happened on our land. I found it hard to make this video , because I had to look through a lot of shocking material. Perhaps this is a sign for us and we have to think about their behavior . Protect the Earth ...

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